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2nd grade class with teacher

2nd Grade Morning Promise

Every morning the 2nd grade class starts with their promise

mrs kein 2nd grade teacher

Second Grade Class Promise

I am wonderfully made and created for a purpose.
The choices I make today will shape my future.
Today I will listen.
Today I will learn.
Today I will do my best and let my light shine bright!

What a wonderful way for Ms. Klein 2nd grade to start the morning.

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Julia Jones 2nd Grade 1st Place Winner

City Plantation Art Contest Winners 2021

We are delighted to announce four of our students were selected as winners in the City of Plantation Art Search Contest. Please congratulate students Josiah Williams, Olivia Evbuomwan, Madison Jones, Julia Jones, and Art Teacher Mrs. Harter!

We feel incredibly lucky to be in a community where the role of art is seen as essential in shaping society. Each year our school participates in the Art Search presented by the City of Plantation, the Parks & Recreation Department and the Plantation Junior Woman’s Club. Students were asked to create art that would relate to the 2020-21 theme, Art Can Heal the World. The winners will be recognized in March at an outdoor ceremony hosted by the City of Plantation and the Plantation Junior Woman’s Club.

Brooke Harter

Brooke Harter Essay Winner About Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Brooke Harter, a 7th grade student here at Our Savior Lutheran, submitted her paper to the Martin Luther King Jr. essay writing contest for the City of Plantation. We are proud to announce that Ms. Harter’s essay won that contest and her moving words are included below for all to read:

Dr. King said, “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.” It means to me when you help others you have the feeling of greatness. You don’t have fame, which just means that people know you, but you are happy in your heart. For example, greatness is like how you feel when you do something like mowing the lawn for a neighbor if they are in the hospital, of even just giving someone a hug if they are feeling sad. When Dr. King says everyone has the power for greatness, he means that everyone can help someone in some way.

A person doesn’t have to be famous to make a change. Small actions can easily change the way someone feels or impact the direction of their life in a positive way. I think these words meant to Dr. King that when he saw a problem he wanted to fix it. Even though his actions made him “famous,” his intent was to change the conditions of the society. He saw a problem, developed a dream, and took action. Through his series of non-violent protests and speeches he began to change a lot of minds in the U.S. and most parts of the world about racism. We can all help others in our own way, and we don’t need lots of money to help others. When we help others, it helps our personality grow. It also helps us to be closer to our community. And it also gives us a feeling of teamwork and greatness. If we walk in his footsteps, continuing to learn the lessons Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. put before us, maybe we can be the change that the world needs now.

-Brooke Harter

See Sun Sentinel newspaper article about Brooke Harter. Notice Our Savior Lutheran School is not responsible for any content at the third party site.

kindergarten service project

Kindergarten class collected clothing and bed sheets

The kindergarten class collected clothing and bed sheets in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving for the children at His House Children’s Home in Miami. This faith-based social services agency provides safe, caring homes to abused, abandoned, and neglected children in south Florida. To learn more about His House, please visit their website: 

danny class Ludwig van Beethoven

Mr. Cabrera Dressed as the German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven

Mr. Cabrera, our music and foreign language teacher, brings learning to life. Dressed as the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, he answered the students’ questions about music, symphonies, other composers of his time, and the time period in which he lived. Thank you,Mr. Cabrera, for teaching our students the history of classical music and how it appears in the music we hear today.

When he is not teaching music, he is teaching our elementary students the fundamentals of Spanish and supporting our middle school students in acquiring foreign language skills in German, French, or Spanish.

McCook artwork

Learning about Claude Monet’s Water Lilies

OSL Virtual Learner Kennedy shares her completed art assignment “Learning about Claude Monet’s Water Lilies.” Art teacher Mrs. Harter continues to inspire our students on-campus and at-home with engaging lessons that bring out the creativity in our students.

Family Feel with an Educational Enviornment

I am a stay at home mom and decided to take advantage of the VPK program to prepare my daughter. This was the first year my daughter was away from me and I was beyond pleased from my initial tour

Tanya Baro

Happy kids, happy life!

I was brought here by a family member, needless to say this school and its staff wins over your heart. The small size and Christian values make it hard to compare to other schools. Kids here are seen as individuals

Gusmao Family

Our students develop their skills, knowledge and confidence, and showcase their achievements, not only in school, but also in the community.