Ms. Montealegre

Ms. Montealegre

1st Grade


Born and raised in Sweden, I came here as a 22-year old to study Hospitality Management at FIU. I was raised in the Christian Faith as my father was a Lutheran pastor. Sadly he passed away last year, but I always had my parent’s full support when I decided to stay here to pursue a career and build a family. I have three teenage sons now, with my oldest starting college at UCF this fall. I worked in the Hospitality industry for a few years, but had a complete change of heart when I had my children. I decided to follow my dream and signed up for classes at Broward College to get my teacher certificate, and I have been working with children since 2009. I never regretted my decision and I have loved my career since the moment I started. There is no greater reward than when children learn and you see their eyes lit up in an aha-moment. I set my own children’s teachers to a high standard, and I want my students parents to do the same for me.

Favorite Bible Verse

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13